CreativeMornings is a monthly breakfast series for the creative community. Each event is free of charge, and includes a 20 minute talk, plus coffee!

It’s a global project, now uniting more than 200 cities around 65 countries. I started CreativeMornings Vilnius in 2015. I was the main host for 4 years, until November 2019, when we did our last event.

As a host I was responsible for gathering a team of volunteers, searching for partners, speakers, venues, as well as doing the communication and all event management. It was a rollercoaster at the beginning until I found team members and we all shared our parts.

During 4 years of running CreativeMornings Vilnius, we did 44 events, once a month, early in the morning. We partnered up with amazing sponsors – some of them gave coffee, others provided breakfast and most of them gave us their venues for hosting events. Not to mention great local creatives – speakers.

CreativeMornings Vilnius

All of the events were filmed – so all of the speeches are still on the web and will remain there for some time. Note: 99% of them are in Lithuanian.

Also, we had some great collaborations – with Design Week Lithuania, with Creative Europe funds here in Lithuania and even managed to move one event to Kaunas, the second biggest city in Lithuania.

It was a great challenge to handle this kind of project from scratch, taking into account that it was non-profit and almost non-budget. During these 4 years, I created a non-profit organization, managed a team of volunteers, did communication, made partnerships and administrated events.