born from our willingness to talk about traveling and tell more details that we were missing in other blogs. We wanted to do less of the travel diary, but more of help / inspiration / information kind of blog.

Which may sound boring, but we already have so many Instagram accounts showing beautiful places. We wanted to talk more of how to travel, transport systems, possible day spendings in one or another country and also we are sharing our own itineraries, that we are working on our own.

Basically, we wanted to encourage self organised travels and show that spending a little time planning can bring you places!

The blog is in 2 languages – Lithuanian (which is my native) and English. Some articles are in both languages, some are in Lithuanian only.

We do not have any super professional equipment. All the pictures are done by me with my iPhone.

This blog is not only my creation. We do it together with T., my partner in crime. I take care of the visual part and publishing, but he is the one doing the first draft and gathering the information.

Feel free to check our articles! We also have some interviews with other travelers.

In 2022 we decided to improve our blog and create pre-made travel itineraries, that you can buy and use as inspiration or very detailed plan for your own trip! Plus, keep in mind that we can definitely help with your personal itinerary!