Pilni Šaukštai – is a project we created with my colleague Miglė. The idea behind this was to create long one table dinners in unexpected places for 20 people. Dinners would have a certain theme, related to season – berries, meat, seasonal vegetables.

The idea came to life in 2019 July, and in August we hosted our first event. In an old apple garden, one long table under the trees. Perfect place to unwind, stop, breathe in, and enjoy food and good company.

The first dinner was about meat and berries. In the second one, we tried to cook food in the pit, under the ground. The third one was purely autumnish – with mushroom, bonfire, and chilly evening. The fourth one was already inside – as Lithuanian summers are short. And it was inspired by our trip to Thailand.

Pilni Šaukštai later on developed to our mini communication and events company. Together with Miglė we work with few clients on their social media strategy and content, web updates and PR.

Pilni Šaukštai

It was great experience bringing people together to enjoy new places, seasonal goods, and experience food in a different way.