It is one of the biggest projects I was working on. It was my full-time job for the past 2 years ( from October, 2018). I joined as a food hall manager, so my role included managing restaurants, making sure this place is running, coordinating and organizing events, communication, also managing staff.

Downtown food hall is a food hall (surprise surprise) that has 14 different restaurants + boutique and gourmet cinema Kino Deli.

Managing this kind of food hall is a big challenge. It requires attention to detail and almost constant problem-solving and quick reaction to whatever happens. Like COVID-19 in 2020.

From 2018 November, when we opened the food hall to the public, it was pretty successful, always full of people, and crowded. We were testing, fixing mistakes, learning and improving every day.

Few restaurants has changed, so I was also looking for new ones to join. Constantly changing staff requires a lot of attention.

Plus all kind of events – from Christmas parties to live concerts and degustation in our cozy Kino Deli cinema.


My responsibilities also include coordinating communication. So here I mostly work with social media, web updates, newsletters, events.

I actually did the whole new website for Downtown, that’s why this item is in all portfolio categories – from events to web and social media.

COVID-19 pandemics hit us hard. While restaurants could deliver food, we had to close the bar and the cinema. We had to think of different solutions. We initiated “Valgysiu mieste” initiative, so people could buy vouchers to support us, and spend the money later, when the food hall reopened after pandemic restrictions.